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How to generate an extraction or certificate of speaker attendance/absence

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In this article you will find :

1️⃣ View all justified absences/pending status.

From the Learners tab, you can view all absences, justified absences and mail pending signature for your organization. A number of actions are also available here.

You'll see a list of all your learners, the name of the session concerned, its dates and duration, and the status of the absence.

Don't forget to use the filters: by date, group, status (pending, absent, justified absence), they'll help you get to the point!

The three small action points on the right allow you to manually sign in the learner, make him absent, add a justified absence, send him a signature e-mail or request a justification of absence.

You can act en masse on your learners' absence justification requests or signature e-mails by checking off the learner (Checkbox ✅) then via the menu that appears on the right of your screen.

You can also modify or delete justified absences.

2️⃣ Generate a summary of learners' attendance and absence.

Go to the Learners tab to display a list of all learners.

You can then select one or more learners via the checkbox ✅ to the left of their name.

Then click on Export, then on Attendance and Absences (X) in the menu that appears on the right of your screen.

A window will then appear, allowing you to select the period for which you wish to obtain a file summarizing the attendance and absence data for each member of staff.

Click on Generate Excel file.

This may take a few moments, depending on the quantity of files to be extracted and the speed of your Internet connection.

The attendance/absence summary will then be automatically downloaded to your downloads folder on your computer.

Also discover the Statistics menu for a quick overview of key attendance figures and key training figures. 😮

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