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Share a link, send an e-mail or schedule a questionnaire to be sent to learners, externals or guest speakers.

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In order to measure the quality of your training courses, as well as the satisfaction and skills of your learners, as part of a continuous improvement approach, the Questionnaires tool enables you to send out surveys or MCQs. The surveys can be sent by the administrator or the lecturer, or can be programmed so that you don't have to worry about sending a cold evaluation 3 months later, for example! 😯

You can also send a sharing link to your learners so they can complete it at any time.

Note: In order to add a questionnaire to a session, you need to have first created a questionnaire template (and tested it, if possible) 😉

In this article, you'll find :

✏️ Written guide ✏️

1️⃣ Send a questionnaire independently of a session

Go to the Questionnaires tab and click on Send a questionnaire.

Questionnaires can be sent to a group of learners as well as to one or more learners, lecturers and/or external contacts.

You can then choose :

  1. The questionnaire to be sent.

  2. The recipient(s) (learners, external participants and/or groups).

  3. Schedule the questionnaire to be sent or not (at several hours, days, weeks, months or years... you're free to choose whatever suits you!)

  4. Then click on Send questionnaire and wait for the results! 🎉

Note: scheduled questionnaires will be identifiable from the "Scheduled" submenu of the Questionnaires tab. A small clock will also appear on the right. 🤗

2️⃣ Add a questionnaire to an attendance sheet

If you wish to associate a questionnaire with a session, you can do so by proceeding as follows:

  • Create or edit an attendance sheet.

  • Go to Options.

  • Select a questionnaire for learners and/or for the instructor.

  • Set the date and time if you wish to defer sending (by ticking the Checkbox ✅ next to Schedule sending).

  • Save.

Tip: You can also configure the mailing to be sent only to those present, or personalize the message in your mailing 🤗

The questionnaire will then be sent by the speaker, the administrator or automatically at the scheduled date and time.

Note: scheduled questionnaires will be identifiable from the Sent sub-tab of the Questionnaires tab. The date displayed will be that of the scheduled dispatch, and a small clock will appear on the right.

On the speaker's side

Questionnaires cannot be programmed for instructors. Your trainers will be notified directly from their space on the sheet(s) associated with a questionnaire for the speaker by a blue section at the top of the sheet follow-up.

3️⃣ Share a link to the questionnaire

You can share a link to a questionnaire with your learners (only) from the questionnaire send window or the page of a sent questionnaire, so that they can fill it in.

To do this, go to Questionnaires > Send questionnaire. Then select the Link tab.

You can then choose the questionnaire concerned and copy the link to your clipboard by clicking on Create questionnaire and copy link.

The questionnaire will then be generated in the list of sent questionnaires, and the number of respondents will be updated as soon as someone has responded and validated their questionnaire using the transmitted link.

The sharing link is also available from the page of the questionnaire already sent. Questionnaires > Sent > Template selection > Share link (top right).

Please note: in the case of link sharing, if the respondent does not yet exist on your training organization, he will automatically be created as a new learner when he enters his e-mail address to confirm that it is himself.

4️⃣ Schedule the dispatch of your questionnaire

To set up the scheduled sending of a questionnaire, go to this dedicated article! 🤗

5️⃣ Add a personalized message when sending your questionnaire

Your recipients don't always have the context linked to the questionnaire. To remedy this, you can set up a personalized message before sending. 🤗

You can use HTML and CSS to structure your personalized message!

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