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🎉 Welcome to Edusign
Create an attendance sheet in 5 minutes from A to Z 😎
Create an attendance sheet in 5 minutes from A to Z 😎

Become a master of training productivity, step by step!

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🎉 Welcome to Edusign! 🎉

You've just discovered your dashboard, but your Edusign calendar is empty? Here's a quick guide to creating your first timesheet. 🤗

In this article you will find:

✏️ Written guide ✏️

1️⃣ Add an attendance sheet.

  • Go to the Timesheets or Dashboard tab.

  • Click on Timesheet.

  • Fill in the required information and save.

If you have not yet created groups, speakers or learners, you can create them on the fly.

Tip: For a first test, add yourself as a lecturer and a learner to see how it all works!

2️⃣ Send signature requests.

Edusign offers several methods for getting learners and instructors to sign.

For a first try, you can use the email signature method:

  • At the start of the training session, you'll find your attendance sheet in the Attendance sheet tab (sub-tab "Started").

  • You can then open the attendance sheet.

  • Select the learner(s).

  • Send a signature email via the yellow button.

An email will be sent to the learners, who can then sign on their cell phone, PC or tablet. Signatures will appear in real time on your space.

3️⃣ Retrieve the PDF sheet

All that's left to do is archive the sheet and download it.

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

You've just created and generated your first attendance sheet.

To go further, you can :

  • Replicate the experience with multiple sessions or Excel import

  • Duplicate an attendance sheet from an existing session.

  • Configure your space.

  • Choose your preferred signature method.

  • Download your sheets by session, group or learner.

  • And much more, including questionnaires and documents!

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