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Getting started with Edusign (without connector)
Getting started with Edusign (without connector)

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In this article you will find:

1️⃣ What is Edusign? A quick recap

Edusign is a software that allows you to digitize the management of timesheets:

  • Get your learners and lecturers to sign your attendence sheets.

  • Archive (for 10 years! 😮).

Edusign also offers 100% digital document signing:

  • Upload your document.

  • Add variables (name of recipient(s), signature square, etc.).

  • Send & receive your signed document!

  • Last but not least, Edusign lets you create and send MCQs and surveys to your learners and trainers.

2️⃣ First steps: create your learners and instructors on the platform.

Start by adding your learners and trainers to Edusign.

Lecturers will automatically receive their access codes by e-mail, enabling them to sign in learners from their space.

You can choose whether or not to send their IDs to your learners, depending on your organization's preferred signature mode (we'll come back to this later 😉 ).

Once created, you can view these profiles and their information from the dedicated tabs. You can make modifications to learners or instructors if necessary.

Finally, you can create groups to bring together learners from the same class, for example. This will make it easier to associate a group of learners to a course.

3️⃣ Attendance sheets.

Once you've created your learners' and lecturers' profiles, you can then add your first timesheets to Edusign! 😍

To register your learners and lecturers online on Edusign, you'll need to create attendance sheets (or sessions) in the following ways:

  • Individual (creation of a single course).

  • Multiple (the same course repeated over time).

  • By Excel import (to add all your future courses).

Once you've created your sessions, you'll be able to access them from the Attendance Sheets menu in your account. Here you can view past and current sessions (sub-tab "Started") and view/modify future sessions (tab "To come").

4️⃣ Have employees sign an attendance sheet.

Your speakers will be able to sign the sheets you've associated them with in 5 different ways from their account.

If you are both administrator and trainer, you can manage everything from the admin platform.

By clicking on the relevant attendance sheet, you can have your learners sign in by e-mail or directly on your device. You can also sign in as a trainer in the bottom right-hand corner of the sheet (provided you use your trainer profile or a generic trainer profile used by all admins).

Note: From the admin platform, you won't be able to register your learners by QR code.

Learners' attendance and absence statuses will be displayed on the attendance sheet:

  • Present if the student has signed in.

  • Absent if the student has not signed in.

  • Absence justified following a request for justification accepted by the administrator or added by him/her.

  • Pending if signed by e-mail: the e-mail has been sent and the learner's signature is pending.

Instructors and administrators can also ask learners to re-sign a session, or justify an absence from a completed session that has not been archived.

5️⃣ Archive, download and modify a sheet after archiving.

Once completed and signed, you can then archive your training sessions.

Archiving is a necessary step in order to download your attendance sheets in 3 formats:

  • Classic: the digital format of your old paper attendance sheets.

  • Individual: all sessions signed by a learner over a defined duration.

  • Group: all sessions signed by the same group over a given period.

Note: the calculation of the number of hours displayed on the documents corresponds to the time of archived sessions signed by a learner.

After archiving, the account owner can unarchive an attendance sheet only to make changes to signatures (resend signature e-mail, justify absence, etc.).

Finally, at the end of the course, you can download a standardized certificate attesting to the completion of the course, based on the hours attended by your learners. Learn how to generate a certificate of completion!

6️⃣ Signing documents on Edusign.

Sign training contracts, internal regulations, etc. You can do all this from the Documents tab.

You can send your documents in bulk, and the information you want to appear (surname, first name, course(s) attended, etc.) will be updated according to your recipients, whether they are learners, administrators or external contacts. 😮

Find out how to add and sign your documents on Edusign!

7️⃣ Survey: surveys or MCQs for your learners and speakers.

On Edusign, you can create questionnaires in survey format to gather feedback from your employees or learners, as well as MCQs for evaluation purposes.

From the Survey tab, you can: create, test, modify, send or schedule the sending of a questionnaire or associate it with a training session, and export the results in Excel or PDF format.

8️⃣ Set up your training organization.

Last but not least, you can customize your account settings in a number of ways.

A comprehensive guide will help you become an expert in managing these settings: automatic signature reminders, customization of attendance sheets, rights granted to learners/instructors/admin account users, etc.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about deploying Edusign. 😊

🎉 Congratulations! You know Edusign inside out 🎉

To find out more, visit our help center.

💬 If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us via chat. 💬

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