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Welcome to Edusign : tips and tricks for students
Welcome to Edusign : tips and tricks for students
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Hi there ! 👋

We are very pleased to welcome our new super-users to our super-app. 🦸‍♂️

In this article you will find anything you need to know about :

  • Login to the Edusign app

  • Sign by QR code from the app

  • Sign by e-mail from the app

  • Justify your absences from the app

1️⃣ Login to the Edusign app.

First, your school administration should have sent you your loggin and password by e-mail.

Once you have received them, all you need to do is to download the app from the App store (Apple devices) or Play Store (Android devices). The app is named Edusign students.

Then you'll just have to sign in to the app with your login (or e-mail, it's up to you) and password.

Note : you will be able to change your password (once you are logged in) from the settings interface.

2️⃣ Sign by QR code from the app.

All you have to do here is :

  • Go to the home interface of your app.

  • Click on the course you're attending to.

  • Click on Sign and Scan.

  • Draw your signature and confirm.

  • Use your smartphone camera to flash the QR code.

Congratulations ! You're now attending to your course. 😉

3️⃣ Sign by e-mail.

If you're facing any problem with the app, if you teacher can't desplay the QR code or if it's easier for him, you will be able to sign by e-mail.

First your teacher (or your administrator) will sent you a sign e-mail. Then, you'll need to go to your mailbox, click on the e-mail Your organization has sent you a signature link and click on the big yellow button to sign.

Then you can either Save to confirm or Clear it to draw your signature again.

Note : If you already used the app, know that you will also received a notification on your phone to sign directly on your app when your school sends you sign e-mail.

2️⃣ Justify your absences from the app

If you missed a course or if you know that you'll be missing, please note that you can use the app to submit a absence justification.

In that case, you should go to your app on the home interface an click on Justify an absence. You'll be invited to select the Justification (sick leave, job interview...), Start date and the End date. Then you'll have to upload your document or take picture of it, accept the terms by ticking the Checkbox ✅ and send the justification.

Your administrator will be notified and will be able to accept it or refuse it.

💬 Any trouble ? Please contact your school. 💬

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