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Subject: Edusign signs the end of paper attendance sheets - Speaker/Trainer

Hello everyone,

YOUR CAMPUS HERE has chosen to modernize and simplify its attendance management process.

The Edusign solution has been chosen to enable you to have your students sign attendance forms.

You will receive or have received an email from with your login details (email + password).

You will then be able to connect to Edusign's speaker/trainer platform and have your students sign the digital attendance sheet.

It's very rare to receive Edusign emails in your spam folder, but be sure to take a look if you don't have your login details in the next few days.

10 to 15 minutes before each training session, you'll receive an email reminding you to make the call with Edusign.

This email will include a link to the Edusign trainer platform.

If you'd like to learn more, please visit our dedicated help-center.

The entire Edusign team is at your disposal should you have any questions or difficulties.

If necessary, you can write to us at

Looking forward to your first training sessions, we wish you a pleasant day.

Best regards,

The Edusign team

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