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How to generate attendance sheets by learner.

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You can also download attendance sheets by session or by group.

Individual attendance sheets are an additional document to be provided to your funding bodies on request. These will show all the hours worked by a learner over a chosen period, with details of each session, their signature and that of the instructor.

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✏️ Written guide ✏️

1️⃣ Go to the Learners tab.

From this tab, use the Checkbox ✅ to select the learners for whom you wish to generate an individual attendance sheet.

You can, for example, apply a group filter to select all learners in a group in order to download individual sheets for each learner in that group.

2️⃣ Customize & download individual timesheets.

Then click on Download individual timesheets (X).

On the next screen, under Information, you can keep the learners you've previously selected, or add or delete learners, choose a learner group, etc.

You will then be asked for the period for which you wish to generate the individual timesheet(s).

In the Options section, you can add one or more logos to the sheet(s), if you wish to see the logo(s) of one or more funders in addition to your own, for example.

You can also choose to e-mail the attendance sheet to the desired speaker. This can be very useful for sending course summaries to external lecturers who also need to provide proof of attendance.

Finally, click on Download to download attendance sheets in .zip format.

Note: It is also possible to download an individual attendance sheet for an entire group via the group page:

  • Then select all learners via the Checkbox ✅.

  • Click on "Download individual sheets".

  • Then fill in the info in the same way as described above and select "Download".

🪄 And voilà! 🪄

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